Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ASSOB Pty Ltd today welcomes Bantix Worldwide Limited

Bantix has a stable of new technologies that have been and are in the processing of being developed and commercialised.

Mtech International Pty Ltd a subsidiary company, manufactures and markets a world class mosquito trap into 72 countries.

Protocorp Pty Ltd a subsidiary engineering and design company, develops Bantix and other company technologies to the stage of commercial manufacture.

Prototip Innovation Pty Ltd (50% owned by Bantix) is a patenting and trade mark company that helps to patent ideas, products and technologies.

Foot Tee Pty Ltd (30% owned by Bantix) is a company that Bantix designed and developed a new product for. Bantix manages the company and provides the marketing and manufacture of the product.

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