Saturday, July 9, 2011

PolyGenomX takes revolutionary Bio-Panning System to new levels

PolyGenomX Limited (ASSOB: PGX) reports that they have developed a revolutionary mine-site remediation system known as "bio-panning", with the use of specially modified Polygenomic plants in a purpose built forestry system.
This system enables the mining company to harvest any minerals or metals that may have been left in the tailings, as these are absorbed by the plants roots and then excreted through its leaves.

This system can be used for heavy metals like gold, lead, silver, copper and arsenic for reprocessing.

The Company states that one bonus of using the PolyGenomX bio-panning system lies in their tough, fast growing plants' ability to process 30% more carbon dioxide (and therefore emit 30% more oxygen) than any comparable plant species.

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