Thursday, March 21, 2013


Energy Maximiser Pty Ltd provides integrated energy solutions positioned for the smart grid. At the core of the technology is the AuziMAX device, for energy monitoring and intelligent load control. It is an interoperable energy efficiency management, audit and reporting technology, which integrates existing mains power, energy storage, renewable energy technologies and the grid and is delivering in excess of 20% validated energy savings.

The technology gives residential, commercial, industrial consumers and building owners, a dynamic, transparent, networkable solution for understanding, managing, being rewarded for making informed decisions for the efficient use of energy and where alternative energy sources, particularly solar, are installed, control grid feed and manage peak load demand.

Energy Maximiser Pty Ltd is part of the Auzion group of companies, a Sunshine Coast solar panel company supplying and installing solar panel grid connect systems. Auzion has deployed over 4000 Solar PV installations and over 200 AuziMax devices to date.

This high growth company is characterised by a successful team, strong IP and secure channels to market. 

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Mark Leckenby, CEO & Founder

The AuziMax device