Sunday, May 22, 2011

Are we the next Silicon City?

IT COMPANY Opmantek (ASSOB: OMK) is taking strong strides toward its Gold Coast base of operations.

“I have no doubt that the city is an attractive proposition for IT companies and within the next 20 years, I believe we will be one of the leading IT hubs in the country.”Mr Maher said the Gold Coast was a great location for the company to launch the new version of its software and associated commercial offerings.

“Opmantek leverages an extensive network of technology experts around the world.

“We also plan to open a satellite office at Silicon Valley in the United States and rotate our employees through it, introducing them to senior engineers and bringing their skills back to the Gold Coast.

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Opmantek acquires NMIS intellectual property

Open source network management software developer, Opmantek (ASSOB: OMK), recently acquired the intellectual property of network management open source software platform, Network Management Information System (NMIS).
The Queensland-based company also launched a new release of the NMIS program, used by about 10,000 businesses internationally.

NMIS has been developed over the past 12 years and is used to run IT networks from one through to 75,000 devices.

Opmantek’s open source software is free to all users; however, it has formulated a business model to provide support packages and add-on software modules that allow companies to offer enhanced services to users at a cost.

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Opmantek says it's cracked the code

IT companies on the Gold Coast have struggled up until now to work out how to make a buck out of free software, but Opmantek (ASSOB: OMK) boasts it has cracked the code.

Opmantek, which will soon be based on the Coast after a deal announced with Gold Coast City Council, is using support packages and add-on software to charge users for the privilege of open source software.

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