Wednesday, November 30, 2011

PolyGenomX Round 1 Fully Subscribed

PGX - Round 1 Fully Subscribed  - Tuesday, 22 November 2011

PolyGenomX Limited (ASSOB Code: PGX) has today filled Round 1 of its capital raising.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Aussie Biotech Innovator Partners with Indian Farming Giant

Queensland, Australia, November 18, 2011 –(– A major double coup for Australian based bio-technology company PolyGenomX Ltd (PGX) was announced this week. It’s newly incorporated sister company PolyGenomX India has signed a deal within its first week of operating, with one of India’s largest enterprises the Indian Farm Forestry Development Cooperative (IFFDC), to trial its polygenomic Jatropha (Jatropha curcas pgx). This is the first stage in a collaborative R&D program to determine the best performing lines of Jatropha to provide India with on-going energy sources. Plans for future trials include polygenomic Paulownia.

Jatropha is one of the leading candidates to satisfy the rapidly growing global demand for clean, renewable aircraft biofuel, and PGX has developed the world’s fastest-growing and highest yielding variety of this plant. Interestingly, polygenomics are the product of a proprietary but natural process and therefore are not GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

Identified by their unique genetic fingerprint, these “super plants” are subject to royalty. While the 2012 pilot study will cover just 50ha, the first commercial stage of the IFFDC project scheduled for 2013 is expected to extend over 1,000 ha requiring more than 1 million plants.

PolyGenomX has shown it is a company that walks its talk by partnering with such an ethical organisation, “One of our values is to work in harmony with nature and to the benefit of humanity, and IFFDC has proven through their work of developing ecologically sustainable farming practices in wasteland areas, providing employment and income for rural communities and particularly to women, that they are aligned with similar values,” says Rowe.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Best Performing New Sponsor (

BlueMount Capital has won an ASSOB award for "Best Performing New Sponsor". Congratulations to the dedicated team! Read more on Page 7 of Smart Capital's latest edition.

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Qponics is aiming to operate photo-bioreactors for the production of omega-3 oil, which will be harvested from algae rather than fish.
Latest update:
The Healthwatch column in Brisbane's Sunday Mail recently reported that the decline in global fish stocks could benefit Qponics due to the Company's focus on producing EPA/DHA omega-3 fatty acids from algae.
Qponics has reached minimum subscription and is now live on the ASSOB primary board. For more information please visit .

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Opmantek develops, markets, packages and distributes software in the network management field. Opmantek software is used by approximately 10,000 organisations around the world.
Latest update:

Disruptive Network Management software company Opmantek has recently released a candidate release of its popular NMIS version software. Candidate software is Opmantek's final stage before general release and comes after significant field testing.

NMIS version 8 has proven popular with the user communicty and Opmantek is keen to market the version 8 "add on" modules and commercial services to the 10,000 organisations that use NMIS globally.

Opmantek is live on the ASSOB primary board. For more information please visit: .

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Bantix Worldwide
Bantix Worldwide is a technology development company. Essentially the company has come up with a way to develop, productise, market and distribute innovative products, the most substantial of which is M-Tech’s mosquito trap. Unique inventions are licensed to subsidiary companies for manufacture, marketing and sale.
Latest update:
Bantix Worldwide recently demonstrated their novel, powerlesss refrigeration unit that is set to revolutionise the portable consumer refrigeration market.
The device is targeted at the global consumer market for convenient, portable and affordable refrigeration. It can operate at ambient temperatures in excess of 45c whilst maintaining a refrigerating temperature of between 0 and 5 degrees. It can also be used as a freezer and is fully adjustable via an ingenious new control system that requires no electricity or batteries.
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PolyGenomX creates new polygenomic plant species “to order”, that are faster-growing, fertile, tough, versatile and high yielding compared with their peers. The core of the PolyGenomX technology is based around the activation of dormant parts of a plant's DNA without genetically modifying it in any way. The process essentially turbo charges certain naturally existing characteristics in a plant such as rapid growth properties and predispositions to thrive in various environments and soils. 
Latest Updates:
PolyGenomX has recently released a professional made video outlining its offerings to the world. Available for viewing are either the full 15 minute version, or the shorter 6 minute version.
PolyGenomX is live on the ASSOB primary board and Round 1 is almost full. For more information please visit:

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Wurst-Meister - Famous German Sausages

Wurst-Meister is developing an international gourmet quick service restaurant (QSR) producing (under contract/license) freshly grilled German gourmet sausages and sausage-related products/meals including non alcoholic beverages to consumers.

Latest update:

have now identified three possible locations in Brisbane's Queen St mall and negotiations are progressing. Speaking from the highly successful Brisbane Octoberfest, Managing Director Mick Schmidt also states that several investors are expected to sign up within the next couple of weeks. 

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New BlueMount Web Site (

The new BlueMount Capital website is up and running, have a look here.

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