Saturday, November 14, 2009

Funding Strategies - Small Scale Offers

ASSOB ( is the largest and most successful platform for showcasing investment opportunities in high-growth, unlisted Australian companies. The ASSOB platform supports companies from all sectors including mining, green technologies, energy, food & beverage, biotech, software / web / tech, finance, medical and many others. As a result of our association with ASSOB we can now facilitate capital raising listings for our clients onto ASSOB of between $500K and $2M+.

Companies wanting to list a capital raising offer (eg Offer Docs, IM, Prospectus etc) on ASSOB must first engage the services of an
Accredited ASSOB Sponsor. Due to our ASSOB Accreditation we are pleased to now be in a position to offer the following additional services to our clients:

Assist companies with their ASSOB listing application;

Assist companies structure their ASSOB capital raising offer;
Assist companies prepare their ASSOB capital raising documentation;
Assist companies market their ASSOB capital raising offer;
Assist companies negotiate with potential investors;
Assist companies administer their ASSOB capital raising offer to ensure compliance;
Assist shareholders in unlisted companies to potentially exit their share-holdings via the ASSOB Secondary Sales functionality;
Assist advanced / profitable companies undertake an "ASSOB Compliance Listing” so existing shareholders can access the ASSOB Secondary Sales functionality.

“ASSOB is now one of the largest introducers of private investment to early-stage, high-growth companies through its network of accredited Sponsors and works within and relies upon the regulatory environment imposed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Corporations Act 2001.”

 Contact us so we can prepare a draft Captial Raising Scenario for your business.

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