Saturday, June 4, 2011

Queensland Company Leads Green Revolution

PolyGenomX (ASSOB Code: PGX), based on the Gold Coast, has pioneered a range ofprocesses that deliver faster growth and higher yields fromplants vital to a range of commercial applications and sustainable industries. 

The company’s ability to rapidly propagate fast-growing, robust and climate-tough trees and vegetation is a game-changer for the mass production of bio-fuels and feedstocks, says PolyGenomX managing director Peter Rowe. 

 "PolyGenomX has developed technology that allows us to activate dormant parts of a plant’s DNA without genetically modifying it in any way. 

 "This provides the ability to turbocharge certain characteristics naturally existing within a plant such as rapid growth properties and predispositionsto thrive in various environments and soils.

PolyGenomX will license the superior strains of plants developed to ethical producers, farmers and other partners involved in the production of commercial crops and environmental restoration.

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