Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Couple has a Nose for Business

VERY soon the world's most rare and pure perfume will be released - a venture that has taken a Buderim couple 22 years to complete.

Deirdre Light is the founder of Manifesto of Light International Ltd  (ASSOB: MOL), a company established to bring the world's finest essential oils to the global perfume, skin care and air diffusion markets.

Starting back in the 80s, Ms Light's partner Clive Newland a perfumer, developed a "nose" for 100% pure and natural essential oils, collecting a bank of the world's rarest blends.

This year the company will release two "world-first" and rare perfume blends.

"Our perfumes and skin care (products) are made from the finest essential oils and absolutes distilled from plants, and are complete, as nature intended us to experience them," Ms Light said.

"It takes literally tens of thousands of rose petals to make enough rose oil for just one of our rose creams. And it is all so beautifully real."

Ms Light and Mr Newland are no strangers to the industry, establishing an internationally renowned apothecary in Noosa in 1998.

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