Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bio Boost Set to Clean up Mining

A $7 million bio prospect that speeds up plant growth could be the solution to remove contaminants in waste process water in the mining industry.

PolyGenomX ( is a public unlisted company that has pioneered a method to deliver faster growth and higher yields from plants to be used for biofuels, such as jatropha and other species including sandalwood for oil.

Managing director Peter Rowe says a patent is pending and commercialisation is well underway as the company seeks to identify targets in the mining industry as a solution to sustainable water management.

“Process water from mines can contain a huge amount of salt and other contaminates that if not treated properly represent a major problem for surrounding ecosystems and in turn the industry as a whole,” says Rowe.

“Treatment of process water can be expensive, particularly in remote areas and in many cases the water cannot be recycled well enough for further use. The range of PolyGenomX solutions are significantly different to what’s currently used as it’s primarily biological in nature and can even rehabilitate a mine site back to its pre-existing vegetative state.”

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