Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fast growing tree technology company

PolygenomX (ASSOB: PGX) is commercialising technology that delivers faster growth and higher yielding plants.

The Queensland-based company’s technology allows the rapid propagation of large quantities of fast growing, climate-tough, special purpose trees (and other plants) with guaranteed plant performance.
Polygenomx has the potential to double the profits of any plant plant-based enterprise, according to Rowe.
The company can create new superior variants of existing plant species by adopting and controlling a naturally occurring, but random process – the creation of polyploid plants.
In simple terms, polyploid plants absorb 50 per cent more carbon from the atmosphere year-on-year compared to non-polyploids. He says that they can then grow around 50 per cent faster for exactly the same expenditure of energy, and using the same quantities of water, nutrient and sunlight.
Roew also states that the technology has been verified by Adelaide and Queensland universities.
“Where nature works on a timeframe of eons, we are able to work on a timeframe of months,” Rowe said. “We have the ability to direct a natural process to rapidly and deliberately evolve faster-growing, tougher and more adaptable variants of any plant species.”
Polygenomx is refining its own proprietary lines of high value species - for renewable energy feedstocks in the biofuel and biomass industries; for pulp plantations; for construction timber; and for high value forestry, including Australian Teak, Kauri and Red Cedar.

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