Friday, March 22, 2013

Successful Equity Capital Raise - Opmantek (ASSOB: OMK)


Danny Mayer

"Right Company,
Right Sponsor,
Right Platform"

Opmantek's Managing Director, Danny Maher.


Opmantek Ltd has closed its primary capital raise on ASSOB after successfully raising over $700,000. 

Opmantek is an Australian company formed and built for high investor return. The Company's founders have a history of success, there are already early stage acquisition approaches and the company is growing rapidly at high profit.
Opmantek operates in the field of Network Management Software under a disruptive business model that leverages uniquely low costs to deliver their software to a blue-chip, global client base.

Since listing on ASSOB, Opmantek has celebrated several significant milestones: 


  • July 2012: Opmantek expands to Latin America
    As a result of significant progress for the business in Latin America, Opmantek expanded operations and opened an office in Panama, led by Arturo Molina, ex Cisco Systems and one of the leading Network Management experts in the region.

  • September 2012: Opmantek Launches Commercial Products
    Opmantek launched their newly developed commercial modules on their redeveloped website where their entire customer base can purchase and download the modules online. Feedback on the selectively released modules to a number of early adopting customers was overwhelmingly positive with 100% of customers who trialled going on to purchase.

  • October 2012: Downloads of Opmantek software increase 4,000%
    Following the launch of Opmantek's new products in late September 2012, the number of organisations downloading the company's software increased 40X. Opmantek now has an organisation implementing their software every 8 minutes.

  • January 2013: Acquisition of Open AudIT
    Opmantek acquired Open-AudIT on January 10, 2013. This is a significant acquisition for Opmantek and provides the company with intellectual property which it had planned to develop (relating to the opConfig module), with a huge bonus of an estimated 25,000 organisations that already user the software plus a 12 year history.

  • February 2013: Opmantek is named "Australian Emerging Company of the Year, 2013" by the  Australian Association of Angel Investors.
BlueMount Capital's Managing Director, Dr Mark Rainbird congratulates Opmantek on a very successful year.

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