Saturday, April 21, 2012

Manifesto of Light Announce Appointment of Principal Designer

Manifesto of Light International Ltd (ASSOB: MOL) has confirmed the appointment of principal designer Alessio Boschi. Mr Boschi’s work is world-renowned and he has recently been acknowledged as the best jeweler in China by the country’s premier lifestyle magazine Noblesse.

MOL director Deirdre Light and perfumer Clive Newland have already spent time with Mr Boschi designing the concepts for their first perfume vial collection, due to be finished by August and which will house pink, white and blue lotus perfumes, potentially the rarest perfumes in the world.

A charismatic and engaging personality, Mr Boschi is well known for his work with south sea pearls for the Autore Group, his design and production of a jade range for the largest collection in China (, and has just completed his first collection for Lily Rose of China (, the country’s largest luxury pearl retailer. 

MOL was established to create rare ultra natural perfumes and skin care products and will offer limited edition perfumes in bejewelled vials, the first to sell for $100,000 to an exclusive invitation-only clientele, as part of its range. 

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