Saturday, April 21, 2012

Opmantek fills Round 2 and Plans Latin American Office

Opmantek (ASSOB: OMK) fills Round 2 and has announced plans to open an office in Latin America, as interest in the region grows off the back of a significant agreement with Latin America's largest Telco..

Opmantek's Managing Director, Danny Maher said, "We are already having organisations from Mexico and other Latin American countries come to us asking for quotations and assistance, as we are showing great success in our phase 1 delivery.  It is important for us to capitalise on this success and the board has made a decision to use some of the funds from the client agreement to support a local presence in Mexico City and best respond to the growing demand throughout the region."

In addition to responding to the demand that has followed the client agreement, Opmantek has an estimated 2,000 organisations in Latin America that use version 4 of their NMIS software and hopes to upgrade many of these to the latest release and enhanced commercial modules/services.

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